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Rajkumar Singh, the dog on the hill



The dog came running up to me on the hill and I called him Rajkumar (Singh) right away. He consented, with his tail wagging in the air and affection radiating from ear to ear. It was clear Rajkumar is living a  princely life somewhere around the hill and was looking for play. Rajkumar couldn’t stop posing in front of my camera.

 The dog below with the couple is not Rajkumar but would be more of a Muthu Swamy


Pune urban Sprawl

Pune urban sprawl

To give you an image of the urban sprawl  in a country like India: here was mostly empty dry Deccan plateau 10 years ago . Now it’s part of the western outskirts of Pune with its appr. 4 million inhabitants. Many of the buildings are still in construction phase, some being leased at lower rates to people with a car as often there’s no shops available yet.

A Voyager’s Extended Trailer

play-full voyages around the globe taking you to Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada along with adventures in the jungle of Guatemala, motorbike Odysees in India, chilling high above the clouds in a plain plane and so much more (to in-joy)