What’s an energy reading?

An energy reading is an  intuitive way of ‘reading’ your energy system. You have an ‘obvious’ connection to your physical body and your personality with its thoughts and feelings which tells a lot about who you are and where you’re at, but we are essentially energy-, spirit- beings and there is an often lesser known deeper relationship with your core, your soul, your spirit, that shines through the personality aspect of you. Beyond psychology.

energy-readingDuring a reading I tune in to you from a neutral and clear point on that part of you beyond all emotions, thoughts, beliefs, opinions.
This undercurrent  has core information about how you live your life, make decisions, choose direction.

Perceived as colors, images, shapes, spheres I link this information back to you with the aim of bringing to the front those forces and energies that affect your life.  So from this perspective you receive renewed clarity or  find an answer to a specific question you have, mind you, specific advice you won’t get in a reading, it’s is truly aimed at a deeper understanding.

photographer and energy reader


In my work as a photographer the intuitive approach has always been essential ( Through my experiences, I’ve come to see that reality has far more depth than what is merely visible. Making contact with this underlying essence and translating it into the image, gives me great satisfaction.

So it is with readings, where visceral nuances reveal themselves to the inner eye. This serves to greatly illuminate situations and circumstances that we find ourselves in. It is my passion to inspire and empower people through this broader perspective, to live the life they really want. Not through advice, but rather by clarifying the energetic context of one’s reality.

energy-reading-3I graduated as an energy reader at the Centre for Life and Intuition in Utrecht, The Netherlands after completing a 3 year intensive training.

Here are some testimonials:

Stino did an energy reading for me a few months ago when I was in Flores- I usually am skeptical about these kind of things, but Stino has such great energy I never had any doubts. I was amazed at how much he nailed my current state of being, and hearing him analyze the way my energy was manifesting really opened my eyes to where I am and where I am going. If you go in with an open mind, you will be really rewarded by Stino’s great insight.”                          Sean P Lawlor, USA

“I just came back from a 20 day backpacking trip in Guatemala. A highlight of my trip was the Energy Reading I received by Stino in Flores. In all honesty, I’m not quite sure exactly what happened. But I feel different, more relaxed and happy and centered. The experience itself was awesome also, on top of the roof with wind blowing through the seashells and candles. It was a lovely holiday memory I would recommend to everyone.”                   Donalda Anderson, Canada

“Amazing energy reading by Stino before I left back to the states for a visit. He told me things that I felt I knew, but never expressed to anyone, never verbalized to anyone… Brilliant and profound work… Thank you from the bottom of my heart Stino!”                                                  Ms. Kayla q Frawley, USA

“I, and my girlfriend, got readings from Stino. They were great. We loved it. Stino just applies his hightened/highly trained intuition and reveals complex understandings of yourself deepdown, and the transitions we are going through. It was not only really really interesting, but thrilling. There so much about us that conventional science can’t get at, and that is what Stijno can explore, reveal, explain and heal. Thanks a Chara. Recommended.”                         Seaghan Mac Cormaic, Ireland

Stino, from the moment you began my reading and I heard your voice it felt as if we were in the same room and that we were connected on an energetic level. I felt the gentleness of your spirit and I could tell that you were really connecting with me.   You were able to feel into my soul and you confirm aspects of me that I already knew, and then you went even deeper into my soul’s journey and brought much more clarity to the parts that were not so clear to me. I loved the reading that you gave me in every way.  It was pure joy to me during the entire time!I am so glad that I took advantage of your gifts for myself.  You give so openly and cheerfully of yourself, and your ego is not involved.  I could feel all that through hearing your voice.  I would recommend to anyone who is tempted to have a reading by you to do it.  You will not be disappointed.                     Jenny,  California  

“Stino gave me a great experience, came in with no expectations and ended up receiving some incredibly insightful messages from the deeper parts of my self. 
The information that was relayed to me i found exceptionally relative to my current situation and was a huge help in getting over hurdles which i had created for myself. Im very grateful for having the opportunity to have a reading and would encourage anyone to give it a go, definatley opened up doors for me….since iv returned home and told my fmily n friends of my experiences now both my parents and siblings an friends have had readings done over skype and found them very beneficial…
cheers stino, doin good work mate!”                                     Xander Zee, Australia

“I know people and experiences come into our lives for reasons, but the things Stino perceived were at such a deeper level than I ever imagined and with such clarity, the whole picture showed itself. He looked into my life as if looking into a crystal ball. This resonated so deeply and now I understand the reasons for my challenging life and why I am here on earth at this time.”                       Cindy Rose, California

“Stijn is a funny character… with an amazing gift.
I loved his readings for their accuracy: wonderfully in-sync with my present life. I loved them because they were recorded in India: on a beach with the sound of the sea in the background; in my beloved Hampi with the sound of a passing moped and a cow moo-ing. I loved them for being as colourful as Stijns photographs. I loved his touch of humor, so delicate and undisturbing.
On receival, I listened to them resonating, and I am still relistening.
Its words as well as the silences, have given me so much faith… A renewed faith in me, and in the here and now!
So grateful,
Another Stijn”                                                  Stijn Nuyttens, The Netherlands 

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I am currently conducting my readings by accepting 3 photographs (‘selfies’ you take at or around the time of your application). The reading will be recorded and sent to you digitally within 3 weeks after applying.

The duration of a reading varies along with what is being asked to review (general rose reading and/or specific theme reading) and what I am allowed to look at. The average reading takes between 45 and 90 minutes.

I charge 60€ (60$) per hour.

Payments can be done through the Paypal button on my homepage. European citizens can transfer money directly to my bank account which I will send through e-mail.