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The Art of Napping

As far as I’m informed ‘Napping’ is not a city in China but a rather common practice to be witnessed all over the place in India.

Varanasi is a holy city for Hindus on the banks of the river Ganges ; especially reputed to be ideal for leaving this world behind by being burned (born) into the next realm .

The art of napping is being demonstrated widely and wildly sometimes even resembling the pose of a corpse  a little further at the ‘burning ghat’



ganges_varanasi ganges_varanasi_2







images available through mail@stinophoto.com

Being Silly on Nainital Lake

Nainital Lake is a very popular summer destination with Indian tourists. Whether on their way to the summer snow or not, the little lake, bordered by a strip stuffed with hotels and restaurants, attracts hoardes of Indian families and couples.

Me and my friend Franz first practised on the little bikes at the lakeside before we took to the water on the surreal kitchy pedalos  and thus having a fun break from our enduring motorbike trip through India, just being silly  among the other floaters on Nainital Lake!


A Voyager’s Extended Trailer

play-full voyages around the globe taking you to Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada along with adventures in the jungle of Guatemala, motorbike Odysees in India, chilling high above the clouds in a plain plane and so much more (to in-joy)