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My Sugar Cane

 sugar kaneMany a time in India, and especially when temperatures are soaring too high I would go for a fresh sugar cane juice rather than a processed coke to get a jolt of power through my collapsing body. Even though It was not until recently that I found out about the health benefits of sugar cane.

The 15% sugar content is in a raw unprocessed form and is considered as healthy as any other freshly pressed juice. The other 85% is water brimming with vitamins and minerals and is high in antioxidants and boosts the immune system.

Sugar CaneThe production of sugar cane in India dates back to the vedic period and India currently still is the top producer in the world together with Brazil.  sugar kane


It’s a meditation on its own to watch the large stalks slowly moving through the roller pressing machine, over and over again until the  elixir is squeezed out and fully ready to run down my thirsty throat.