I am Stino

I am a voyager:

dscf5217kIt is my first and second nature to explore the world without and within.

Born and raised in Belgium I moved to Holland following my first adventure in India after graduating as a journalist. I then became a freelance photographer and continued to move around the globe.

I was looking for meaning in my world and I still do.

Even though I shared the editorial obsession of capturing the ‘objective’ surface level of reality, very soon a merely journalistic approach to life was not enough for me as mine has always been utterly intuitive

manduI realised I can only attain and keep a clear vision when the inner voyage is primordial.

I saw that my inner state affected the outer happening, and vice versa and objectivity changed meaning for me.

My spirituality expanded along with my (he)art. Even though I kept them apart they were interwoven right from the start.

 tumblr_mj924vKL7V1qzft56o1_400Fascinated by how the collective often separates the ‘spiritual’ and ‘material’, or denies one or the other, in the wake of religious downfall, always left me wondering: what’s the real ground to it all? And didn’t we throw out the baby with the bath water?


It’s time to step into an more balanced reality recallibrated towards honoring all that we are, surpassing worldly materialism and spiritual perfectionism, daring to let go of outworn fluffy labels. let’s sail the in between lands and be true authentic explorers of all the worlds balancing our act as we take the next step forward!

Blazing a new baseline for beingness

Being the voyager