The Barber, The Chai Wallah and me

stino photoRamesh entertains a funny mix of westerners and locals in his  streetside barber shop which has come to its third generation. He loves his work and radiates it all around like a happy kid.

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 A good shave is always followed by a crazy face massage. Even though I feel very awake after my shave  there is always Chai wallah popping up  around the corner with his masala chai to give my day another boost. Chai wallah himself is pure delight as he’s the most cheerful guy roaming the street, always with teacups in his front pocket.

stino photo

When the evening sets in  the cutting of the scissors goes on along with the noise of a cricket game on tv and the always present blowing of horns. This is the setting of a short movie I am shooting currently called ‘A Real Bombay Barber’

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